Our Tree Planting Project on the Battenkill’s East Branch

Last summer the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department removed the dam at Dufresne Pond on the East Branch of the Battenkill in Manchester, VT. The state-owned structure was in poor condition, creating a safety hazard, and repairing it would have cost a great deal of money. Expected benefits from its removal include aquatic organism passage and sustaining cooler water temperatures during summer in the downstream stretch.

VT F&W is committed to making the re-established channel at the Dufresne access site a high quality recreation opportunity in the restored condition. This year VT F&W planned to get started planting along the new banks to help with stabilization, and the Batten Kill Watershed Alliance and our Southwestern Vermont chapter partnered to help. Once the new channel has settled, habitat restoration will take place through installation of cover and shelter structures.

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